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Phisio, dentist and career choice day

Come in and sit down for a bit, maybe have a coffee with me while you are here?

So, what’s this all about? Well, I was having phisio the other day and was generally having a crap day already when I got there at 10am! After the rest of the day’s events, I thought I would write about it and that turned into deciding to blog about it. So here we are, my first post admitting to the world (if the world care to read it) that I’m a 33 year old female that is questioning her choice of career.

My day didn’t actually start out that bad, I’d managed to get out of bed and get some breakfast and a coffee, but it went down hill from there. Suffice to say, I ended up having to get a taxi cab from my house to the doctors, where I had my phisio appointment.

As I went to get out of the taxi cab, the door started shutting and hit my knee so forcefully, it made hard to stand when I finally managed to get out of the door with my belongings. As I went to sit down in the waiting area the physiotherapist (Martha) asked if I had an appointment, I replied that I did, she said to come through as I was late (it was bang on 10am, which was when my appointment was for so I was bang on time!).

Luckily she seemed ok once we’d sat down in the curtained off area where she’d make her assessment of my injury. During the assessment it came out that I was no longer working where I’d obtained my injury and that I’d had to take on a temporary job as I wasn’t being given the hours any more at the old job. I admitted to disliking my current job and said I would have to be looking for something else soon anyway as it was only temporary but I had no idea what to do as I felt like I was lost and going no where career wise. Martha told me she completely understood, she said she was around the same age as me and a lot of her friends were feeling the same about their lives and jobs.

Wow, was I rearly no longer the only thirty something that felt that I was in the wrong career and didn’t really know what to about finding something else!? This did prove to some comfort although my general mood that day was not going to make it easy to start to feel better about things just yet. Mind you, it probably didn’t help that I also had a filling at the dentists booked for 4pm that day and I really hate going to the dentists!

In the hope of dragging myself out of the grouchies, I went to get myself a large Pumpkin Spiced Latte and some nibbles to “drown” my sorrows – a few glasses of wine may have been more effective but I didn’t think turning up to the dentists pissed was going to make the injection or drilling any easier.

Have you felt like you were in the wrong career? What did you do about it? Am I really not the only 33 year old that feels this way? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you’re having a better day than I described above!

Autumn x


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