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The 5th November is Guy Faukes, Bonfire Night, my favourite time of the year – yet also a sad time of the year for me.
I love all the colours and the noise of fireworks and I love a good bonfire, it is autumn as well which just happens to be my favourite season! It is a sad time of the year for me however, because my Grandmother passed away one bonfire night morning (although it wasn’t actually the 5th November, we were having our town’s bonfire night celebrations that day – it’s always the Saturday nearest the 5th) and I had already arranged to meet up with some friends and got tickets for the fireworks display at the park. I was very upset as I was close to my Grandmother but I tried to enjoy the evening as best I could. I now celebrate the day in my own way. Sometimes I don’t actually “do” anything but there is always a lot going on in ny head. Other times I get together with friends and family to watch the display.
One year I hope to have the love of my life with me watching the fireworks, with his arms wrapped around me as we watch.

Do you celebrate Bonfire Night? What do you love about it?

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